One of the best parts of being retired from an intense photography career working for great companies, is having the ability to travel the world on my own time. Traveling around the world, to countries and continents I only learned about in school has been life changing.

planet earth nature

The whole planet has an abundance of beautiful animals, people, buildings, nature, and events to capture. Travelling has given me the second lens to see the extraordinary I could only imagine. It was tough to decide on the first few places to travel to, but I made up my mind. Thailand, Puerto Rico, and Kauai were the first places I decided to adventure in.

All the places I’ve ever been to, have made a lasting footprint in my mind about the planet. There are too many places to see and capture; there simply isn’t enough time to see everything at once. When I would travel to new places, I would make it a point to spend as much time as possible there, to fully soak in the mood, vibe, and energy.

thailand temple religious vision

Thailand was the first destination. Thailand is known by many as a cheap vacation spot, but don’t let the money fool you. Thailand’s beaches and temples are some of the most exotic I’ve ever seen. The country is actually very large, so cities and different scenic shots are unlimited. I was most impressed with the exquisite temples in the surrounding cities. There was several in city, but the level of detail and art is impressive. As you grow older, you learn to appreciate hard work with art more & more.

I left Thailand, and landed in Puerto Rico the next week. It was a crazy journey. Flying from one side of the planet to another isn’t easy. The sixteen hour flight was worth it. Puerto Rico is a historic caribbean island like no other. If you know anything about humidity, you will know as soon as you step outside in Puerto Rico the moist, damp air will make you sweat instantly.

puerto rican beach amazing sight

Much like Thailand, the Puerto Rican beaches are to die for. The soft white sand is addictive, with the warm light blue water at your feet. There’s not a better feeling out there. I was able to get some spectacular shots of the beach. It’s nice knowing you can capture the serenity of the beach and always have a piece of the memory with you. Other than the beaches, the rain forests are great places to capture the tropical spirit of the island.

After Puerto Rico, I took a month off from traveling to rest and edit all the crazy photos I was able to get on my trips around the world. The rest period between long trips was just what I needed. Throughout the time on the long trips, I always able meet new people and sights. It’s always refreshing to reset and socialize with a different population. I’ve learned more about international cities visiting them in person than reading about them in a book.

When I was done resting, I had my eyes set on Kauai. The Hawaiian island is oftentimes overlooked by many tourists. I knew I always wanted to travel to the Hawaiian islands, but I never knew which one. Kauai was perfect. People claim the island is what “old Hawaii” used to look like. Kauai has limited construction developments with skyscrapers, hotels, or other tourists attractions.

kauai napali coast mountains

Kauai was perfect for capturing the scenic art of the lush green mountain range; the island had. The Napali coast is definitely a destination that should be on your list if you plan to visit the Hawaiian islands. The weather, ocean, and atmosphere was incredible. No wonder I saw so many honeymooners. All the different places I visited for photography were mind blowing, but Kauai had everything I desired. It seemed like time stood still the entire time when I was there. I highly recommend visiting and taking pictures of all these places. It’s worth it.