I know, for certain, that I am a Jedi.

While waiting for my graduation day, I had an ample of two months’ gap from my last day of studying at the university. So, I decided, while living on the other side of the world where I’m originally from, the beautiful country of Malaysia, it was a dream come true to not only visit a new continent, but also pay a visit to the sacred land of Star Wars film location, Tunisia. Hence, I explored ways to see this country through the Internet and with the Devil’s luck, I stumbled upon an internship application for a travel log filming in the country.

tunisia salt flats

I applied right away and bought the flight ticket the next day. This internship was one of the best things that had happened to me because not only was I using my knowledge; but I could practice the skills that I have learned in film school, but I was designated as the official photographer and videographer during the whole working period, thus, I could take as many photos as pleased and no one would stop me for doing it. In this trip, I had to come up with a feature length documentary.

The next week, I found myself in Tunisia, in a continent I’ve never visited before. Me and other interns were brought all over Tunisia, all of us were interning with the Tunisian Tourism Board. It lasted for eight weeks and among the best thing that happened to me was being able to visit the place where a few of the significant scenes in the Stars Wars film were shot.

mos espa star wars

The day had come, the most unforgettable day of my life. I woke up feeling superbly stoked that I will be able not only to recreate the scenes that had been playing inside my head, but visually and physically be there. From our hotel in the city of Tozeur, we rode on a 4×4 wheel drive, and started our journey into the desert.

Throughout the trip, I couldn’t help but to take photo after photo, knowing that the Jedi from Star Wars have trodden this land. We arrived at the location and I felt my watery eyes disbelieving what they were seeing. The Star Wars anthem automatically played in my head. We were in the middle of the desert in Tozeur. This place hold the set of Mos Espa, which was featured widely in Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. All the layouts and set decorations were still standing strong despite the scorching heat and years of time passed. I walked slowly and absorbed The Force as much as possible. I couldn’t help but to take as much photos as I could so I could remember the experience!

star wars mos espa

At the middle of the set, there are two Jedi robes prepared by the people that managed the location for the visitors. I waited no longer. I passed my camera to my friend, Virginia and quickly put on the robe. My watery eyes now shone brightly as if The Force just flowed through me. I knew exactly what pose I want to do- to make it special.

After finding my footing, and making sure my camera on the high-speed multiple shot mode, I was ready to make this shot real. Counting “One, two, and jump!”, I jumped as high as I could while Virginia took the photos. I ran back to check with her how on the pictures looked like. They didn’t look as good as I thought they would be, but I was aware of how hard it is to nail a perfect shot. We tried again a couple more times and finally got the shot and I was crazily delighted with the end result. At the end of that day, my childhood dream came true, and I can say, at this particular time, I am a Jedi.