california map topographyThere are so many different environments throughout California. That is the principle reason for why I came to the West Coast. Throughout my youth, many of the movies that I watched took place in California. After many years of continued movie fandom, I started to catch on that this California is actually a real place. For some reason, up until I was about 12 years old, I thought California might actually be some sort of fictional land. What with the beautiful beaches with the beautiful women of the southern west coast, the overpopulated cities of Southern California, the hot dry deserts of Central California, the cloudy atmosphere of the bay area, the mountainous regions of the Sierra Nevada, and the dense forests of Northern California. All of which brought me to Berkeley, CA, a tech-friendly city smack in the bay area.

berkeley downtown view

Berkeley has all of the magic that I had hoped for. The mindset of the people around me were just what I was looking for, and I found an apartment on the corner of the building that allowed me to overlook both the bay area as well as much of downtown Berkeley. The view in and of itself was enough to make me feel okay with having dirty neighbors and a cozy relationship with the local insect exterminator company. But the fabulous pictures that I was able to capture from my apartment in Berkeley wasn’t the only thing that brought me to the bay area. Let’s talk about what other photogenic spots are around Berkeley.

The Berkeley Pier

A two and a half mile behemoth of pier extends from downtown Berkeley into the SF Bay. The pier offers hundreds of different angles into the bay, the sunset, and downtown Berkeley that any picture lover would appreciate. There are also some great shots that can be taken next to the pier and the area on the beach surrounding it.

berkeley piers berkeley pier the oliver project

Berkeley Graffiti Art

berkeley graffiti

In Berkeley, like much of their neighbors in San Francisco, it is full of artistic folks part of underground cultures. That underground culture is plainly evident throughout hidden parts of the city, particularly near the coastline where you will easily find some graffiti havens. Attached are some dope pics of graffiti culture that I captured during my time in Berkeley.

berkeley art

Indian Rock Park

indian rock park berkeley

Berkeley Hills is home to some of the best views in the Bay area. In the hills, you are able to see all three of the bay’s main bridges. You also have a good view of downtown Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland, San Francisco, and a good view of the mountain beneath you. Made of a volcanic rock formation, it’s also a great spot for serious or wannabe rock climbers who can also get some spectacular views.

indian rock park

indian park

Cesar Chavez Park

cesar  chavez park

Home to a popular destination for picture taking fiends, Cesar Chavez Park gives Berkeley visitors a great view of Berkley, SF Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, and the beautiful Marin Headlands. With grassy hills, this a great spot to capture happy people in action who are commonly flying kites, enjoying a day out with friends and family. They also just had a winter solstice event and they will have a summer solstice event there in 6 months. They also host a Fourth of July Firework show which is the place for Berkeley visitors and livers to get a beautiful view of fireworks flaming over the SF Bay.

cesar chavez park berkeleypath of cesar chavez

Inspiration Point

Some of the best scenery in all of Berkeley come on Inspiration Point and on the trails leading up to it. Nimitz Way Trails is one of the most popular trails to take on for walkers, joggers, bikers, and people looking just for a scenic family outing. I’ve attached some of my favorite pictures taken at scenic Inspiration Point.

inspiration pointe views inspiration pointe