The ‘Red Bridge’, that’s what I call it.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to visit America. As a cinaphile, consuming Hollywood films day and night has been part of my life for a long time. Fast forward a decade, I have just graduated from film school in the UK and I thought, “I will visit America and pay my respect to the most prominent bridge in Hollywood films, The Golden Gate Bridge”.

sf golden gate bridge

After saving up a few hundred pounds, I bought my return flight tickets to San Francisco as soon as the cheap flight promotion came about. From Cardiff, I traveled to the London Heathrow Airport via bus and flew off a couple hours after that. I boarded the plane and flew off to the Land of Dreams, America.

Looking out the window while staring at the beautiful clouds, my mind cannot help but to think about the films that has featured the Golden Gate Bridge in it. Ranging from the classic up to the latest films such as The Parent Trap (1998) to Pacific Rim (2013), from Godzilla (2014) to Big Hero 6 (2014), all of them has put the spectacular bridge into screen view. Holding my Canon 70D DSLR close to me, I dreamed of taking pictures, as many as I can, so I can carve it deep in my memory, and of course photo albums.

I arrived in San Francisco Airport and God knows how sore my cheeks were, smiling ear to ear, realizing the fact that I am in America! A friend of mine and her husband came to pick me up at the airport. They lived in San Jose and it was late in the evening, so we went straight back home to rest. The next day was a big day for me. I met the one and only, The Golden Gate Bridge.

golden gate bridge sf

The day I arrived and I was super excited. I went from San Jose to San Francisco by myself because my friends had work. It was half past seven in the morning. They sent me off at the train station and I started my solo journey of exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco. I placed the Golden Gate Bridge at the top of my list and made sure that I visited this masterpiece first before anything else.

The journey to the Golden Gate Bridge was not hard; yet really adventurous. The travel guide book that my dear friend had provided me with really helped in directing me to the bridge. I remember taking a train and a bus trip to the bridge. From afar, I can already see the spiking red bolding metals stand tall, I took my camera and started taking as many pictures with a variety of angles. After arriving at the tourist center next to the bridge where the bus stopped, I stepped out of the bus and I could literally hear a shooting adagio in my head.

red bridge sf

With glowy eyes and heart filled with emotions, I took in the view for about thirty minutes before I started taking pictures. It is amazing how your dream could possibly come true. I tried taking a selfie with the bridge, but failed miserably. In the act to avoid another failed attempt, I asked one of the tourists there and bless him, he took a superbly pretty photo of me.

I am glad, that I had the chance to meet the ‘Red Bridge’.