California is often thought of as one of the forefront leaders in many areas of life. Whether it be clothing styles, music, entertainment, technology, and architecture, much of the latest trends start in California. So, I decided to give myself a little field trip and see what some of the latest architecture throughout the states is made of.

I started my journey in the heart of the valley in Modesto, California following around an old friend of mine admiring some of his latest concrete construction work. He is primarily a residential contractor where his specialty is in colored stamped concrete. The people who want the finest looking properties seem to always turn to him and his team. Below is one of the front yards that he had just finished for a client when I showed up.

concrete modesto

Next on my journey, I had a drive up to Sacramento where they had just finished a new stadium for the local NBA basketball team, the Sacramento Kings. The stadium is called Golden 1 Center, and it marks a point for celebration where the local town was able to keep their team in Sacramento after a local group of investors tried to strip the city of the team and take them to Seattle. The Golden 1 center is an architectural marvel for the city, the state, and the basketball association as a whole. The newest NBA arena constructed looks like it is light years ahead of all of the current arenas in town. It consists of an open and shut mechanism for the front entryway, the first of it’s kind for the NBA. It also has solar panels on the top and nearly all of the arena’s power comes directly from those. The Golden 1 Center is something that must be seen in person to take the most appreciation out of it.

golden 1 center sacramento

Next on my list, I drove a short distance over to UC Davis where they have just constructed a brand new art museum, called the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis. It is made up of glass walls, a concrete precast, and aluminum beams that cover the ceiling of the one story building. It’s an architectural marvel and the inside of art pieces is not something you want to skip if you head over to the Davis college campus.

uc davis art museum

That’s it for this installment of The Oliver Project, tune in next time!